Chapter Leadership

Lyndsey Glen

Collegiate Chapter President

Natalie DeSousa

Vice President of Operations

Brooke Taylor

Director of Member Finances

Marcela Lopez

Director of Administration

Melisa Chaffino

Director of Facility Operations

Rebecca Sipen

Vice President of Chapter Programming and Development

Sabrina Torres

Director of Academic Excellence

Melika Golforoush

Director of Risk Management and Wellness

Samantha Hoffman

Director of Ceremonies and Ritual

Daniella Jones

Vice President of Community Relations

Wendy Young

Director of Social Events

Kylie Eggers

Director of Philanthropy

Delilah Pereza

Director of Public Relations and Marketing

Kat Janney

Vice President of Membership Experience

Julianna Navarro

Director of Member Selection

Kaley Block

Director of Recruitment Events

Kaitlyn Ha

Director of First Year Experience

Mandy Thlick

Director of Lifetime Membership

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